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Get access to our APIs that can be integrated into your system to enable our merchant to directly login into your site via the Pay1 credentials which will ensure the burden of complicated logins is reduced, assuring faster sign-in/ sign up with a reduced risk of missed conversions on your app. Through this API integration, the merchants will also have an option to pay via the Pay1 balance. Thus, reach out to larger segments of the market via this integration. With this solution, when the merchants will visit your app, they will get an option of Login via Pay1 where they can use the credentials that they have used for creating an account with Pay1. They can thus browse your site for the products or services he needs, book the required product or service, and can go to the Payments page. Here, they will have the option of making a payment via the Pay1 balance they have. Thus, you can leverage an already existing ecosystem for cash collection from merchants. The merchant will follow the same process for making the bookings for his end customers as well.

Example with screens

Go to partner app through Pay1 Merchant
Use the Pay1 Merchant Auto-login
Scroll through the app to avail service of your interest

Key Benefits

Lead generation : access to 4 lac+ merchants and their customers
Quick & easy identity verification process
Frictionless sign-up/in

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